The Artists

Penny Evans was a jewelry artist who created one of a kind pieces for our shop.  While she lived in New England, she visited our city dozens of times since 1996, and considered herself to be a part time New Orleans resident.  Her jewelry and photography evolved from her love of New Orleans and all things vintage. 

Every piece she created for us contains Vintage or Antique findings, crystals, stones, and or glass.  Wear your piece with pride, as it was made with love.

On October 2nd of 2011 dear Penny passed from this existence.  Our world is suddenly dimmer, our hearts heavier.  She was a beautiful radiance that will be quite sorely missed.   We will love you always Penny.

Sarah Segovia.   I began exploring the stained glass medium in 1994, and developed a fascination with this ancient art that has remained with me to this day.

    My formal art training began a year later when I went on to study abstract painting.  I experimented with colors and textures of paint on canvas.  Not satisfied with this medium. I spent a year abroad in London, England.  I concentrated further in stained glass, mosaics, kiln work, and leading.  After graduating with a BFA in painting, I devoted my time completely to stained glass

      I have always been intrigued by the colors and textures of glass -- the incandescent glow and glamorous light it casts.  In the past few years I have mainly created speciality stained glass giftware and custom panel work.  I especially enjoy custom work because it gives me the opportunity to work with various individuals to help bring their vision to reality and at the same time to create a one-of-a kind work of art.

    My work reflects my passion to create fragile beauty, intricate patterns, and unique designs.

Note:  I am working on updating the list of artists who show in Glass Magick.  It will be complete soon.  Stay tuned!

Keith Paolini.   Photographer Keith Paolini is a native of New Orleans.  Keith uses texture and the changes in light and dark to capture his images in an untouched state.  His images of New Orleans are both gritty and honest and hold a sense of mystery within his subject matter.  Keith offers a view of the Big Easy not often seen through the wide eyes of the tourist or even the inattentive eyes of a native, he offers a view into the soul of a city and shows the beauty of truth in every shot.

Newton Royality.   Newton has been an artist of one kind or another for as long as he can remember.  From creating charcoal / ink line drawings, to taking to the stage.  Since arriving in New Orleans he has been working in watercolors / acrylics on wood and other found materials.  His work has taken on a joyous energetic quality that he is looking forward to fully exploring. 

Penny Evans            Sarah Segovia        Keith Paolini            Newton Royality

Shane.  Crystal & Bead Jewelry.

Vic.  Crystal & Bead Jewelry.

Joy O. Dichroic Glass Jewelry.

Jenny.  Voodoo Bottle Covers.

Patty.  Task Candles & Clay Art.

Yvonne.  Hand Embroidered Celtic Designs.

RC CROW: I have always had a strong desire to connect with my Spirit Guide and find the path best suited for me ... the woods can be a scary place without one. Fortunately, I found Saova,  a coven that gently guided me through the woods by opening my heart and helped me to interpret the signs meant for me. With their help and love, I have been interpreting the Tarot Cards for well over 15 years. Now I am ready to give back. By using the tarot deck, I am able to help others by giving them the same guidance on this journey through the woods to enlightenment………..